Created with recognisable POD DNA, the latest innovation from BEBYLUX's team of British designers is bold in style and as always unrivalled in ambition. The brand new POD stroller offers unparalleled functionality, which is infused with flawless style and rich textures. The POD stroller features high attention to detail, along with minimal designer POD branding, creating a sleek and desirable design. With its ingenious one fold system, lightweight chassis, gigantic anti-theft basket, the POD can cater to any modern parent’s needs. 


The POD stroller folds very smoothly with the seat unit attached or without the seat unit attached. The chassis has a safety lock ( red button ) simply side it down to collapse the arm of the chassis followed by a gentle press of the chassis release button collapses the chassis very compactly.


The POD stroller is the only stroller on the market which promotes a healthy seating position for your child away from car pollution which lurks at 50 cm. The stroller has three positions that a parent can choose from and easily adjust between, 69 cm , 78 cm and 87 cm.

At 69 cm the seat height is perfect to be used as a high chair / feeding chair. The seat unit allows your child to reach the dining table whether at home or at a restaurant.

At 78 cm the seat height is an ideal height for your child to be close to you whilst the seat unit is parent facing.

At 87 cm the stroller is at a comfortable height above any exhaust fume and dirt pollution, whilst providing your child with an ideal view of their surroundings when they are world facing. 


The POD stroller has three recline positions accessible when the seat unit is facing both directions, parent and world facing. The recline positions have been designed to adjust the comfort according to your child.

At 95 Degrees the stroller is in view mode, perfect for when your child is busy absorbing their environment and the journey. 

At 135 Degrees the stroller is in rest mode, perfect for when your child wants to sit back and relax. 

At 175 Degrees the stroller is in sleep mode, perfect for when your child has fallen asleep. 


The canopy ( hood ) has four adjustable positions along with an integrated front sun visor. The four adjustable positions have been designed to adjust with when the weather is sunny, cloudy, windy and raining. The canopy material is a special patented Heat and UV proof material which not only remains cool and offers optimum protection but also has a zip open panoramic ventilation window.


The first six months of your newborn are vital, especially when it comes to spinal support and development. This is why the POD carrycot has been designed to have a soft breathable mattress structured by a wood backed under base layer. 

The seat unit has also been designed in an egg shape to aid spine development to mimic the natural cocooned development stage. 


The POD stroller has a triangular shock absorption system which has been tested to 50kg. Apart from the revolution absorption system, the front and rear wheels are both offset in size by 6" and 23 cm width, allowing the stroller to have optimum grip on multi terrain surfaces. The 360 all rotate front wheels aid a smooth gliding manoeuvre capability, making the stroller light nimble and easy to stroll.


Most stroller shave a small, compact storage basket with exposed open access. This is one of the number one reasons behind theft, as most parents are left being easy targets with this design flaw.

The POD stroller has been designed with a large enclosed storage basket, which is only accessible via a zip down. There are three zip down windows accessible from the rear and either side. 


The vegan friendly leather material we use is extremely easy to wipe clean any mess, something which is unavoidable with toddlers and newborns. The vegan friendly leather material is harder wearing than real leather, more economical and most importantly a non allergen.

The seat pad is made from imitation cashmere, with ventilation lining and memory foam. Promoting optimum comfort for you child. 


Safety is paramount, especially when travelling with your child. This is why we have used a five point harness system which can be easily adjusted to a higher shoulder height as your child grows whilst maintaining a closer fitted safety harness. 


Arguably the most flexible range of handle bar adjustment in the world, the POD stroller can be used by any parent short or tall. Easy to adjust via a single button on the handle bar.