Gender inequality, poverty, and poor education are some of the world’s most pressing issues, according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have teamed up with local organizations to help women get equal rights to education, thrive to their fullest potential, and pave their own way out of poverty.

Being economically independent is still a luxury for many women around the globe. Providing not only for themselves, but their families, is a substantial challenge that many women face every day. To make a difference in these lives, we are proud to sponsor a village in India, empowering women to start their own businesses and kick-start their journey towards an independent life.

Through education and entrepreneurship, women are encouraged to recognise their entrepreneurial potential while highlighting the crucial social and economic impact these women can have on their families and wider society as a whole. We aim to help each woman develop the skills necessary to start and run a business - from finding a business model to managing finances and marketing. Over the course of a year, the women are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to launch their own business and take responsibility for their economic independence.

By sponsoring the village in Gujarat, we are excited to support approximately 200 women who are paving their way out of poverty, and to play a part in the launch of nearly 100 businesses every year.