For years car seats have been restricted in the amount of time a child ( specifically newborn ) can travel in them. Majority of car seats have an hour time restriction, beyond which you are advised by your Doctor to remove your child. This restriction is due to the poor spinal support of basic car seats which in turn can block / constrict your child’s air path. 
The BEBYLUX Model 1 benefits from an ingenious patented insert which promotes a near lie flat structure replicating the support achieved almost by a carrycot. As a result of our innovation, the BEBYLUX Model 1 car seat has zero time restriction on travel times. 


With added vents on either side of the car seat outer shell, the Model 1 benefits from exception ventilation necessary for your newborn. The cabin of most car seats are a restricted space, AIR FLO technology helps overcome this and provides your child with a healthy breathing environment with re-circulation of fresh breathing air all the time.


The Model 1 is an example of revolutionary design complete with industry revolutionary materials. Carefully selected materials to provide optimum comfort to your newborn is essential. 

Sorona is a renewably sourced plant based material which has been used throughout the base layer of the Model 1. Made from a unique PTT molecular structure this intelligent fabric provides softness, quick dry, stretch insulation, UV fade and wrinkle resistance along with reduced piling. Made of 37% plant based materials for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Using our intelligent stroller adaptors you can now use the car seat on your stroller. This allows you the flexibility to switch between car seat and carrycot on your preference. Because the car seat has lie flat technology you are always good to go. 


We have partnered with Holmbergs of Sweden to provide a superior harness protection system for your child. Holmbergs are one of the first companies in modern history to create an in vehicle restraint, what we now know as the car seat belt. Protecting millions of lives for decades we couldn’t choose a better partner.